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Eye surgeon in Laguna Hills is adept at diagnosing and treating common causes of vision loss

Laguna Hills Eye Surgeon
Ophthalmologists diagnose and treat eye diseases, perform surgeries to restore vision, and prescribe and fit glasses and contacts for vision correction. While dozens of diseases may be identified and effectively managed and treated by ophthalmologists in Laguna Hills, eye surgeon Dr. George Salib and his team at the Orange County Eye Institute are uniquely equipped to address one of the most common causes of vision loss, affecting more than half of all Americans aged 80 and older: cataracts. Diagnosis Dr. Salib encourages a complete eye exam annually. He assesses changes to your eyes and determines if they are related to … Continue reading

Best Orange County Cataract Surgeon uses premium artificial lenses

Best Orange County Cataract Surgeon uses premium artificial lenses
Trust your eyes to an ophthalmologist experienced with cataract treatment. As the best Orange County cataract surgeon, Dr. George Salib is pleased to offer advanced laser systems that make an already safe and well-tolerated procedure even more precise, comfortable, and efficient. Dr. Salib’s Laguna Hills office offers a range of premium intraocular lenses designed to replace the clouded lens for clear and unobstructed vision. Dr. Salib’s onsite diagnostics center uses with advanced equipment for preoperative testing to confirm if cataracts are to blame. Accurate and advanced diagnostics help to guide Orange County Eye Institute’s treatment approaches. The timing of your … Continue reading

Lens replacement surgery in Laguna Hills, CA helps improve vision

Lens replacement surgery in Laguna Hills, CA helps improve vision
Located in Laguna Hills, CA, Dr. George Salib and the professional staff at the Orange County Eye Institute offer a range of eye procedures to improve your vision. Cataract surgery and lens replacement surgery are two specialties offered by the office to help you see more clearly. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to treat your vision problems. Lens replacement surgery is a revolutionary treatment used to correct a range of visual problems including treating cataracts. It is a safe, regularly performed procedure that produces the life-changing benefit of improved vision with intraocular lens (IOL) replacement. An IOL is a flexible … Continue reading

Patients ask, “What ophthalmology services are offered by an experienced cataract surgeon in Laguna Hills?”

experienced cataract surgeon laguna hills alt
By 65 years old, over 90 percent of people have vision problems due to cataracts. When beginning your search for a cataract surgeon, it is important to consider your needs, expectations, and budget. Cataract procedures are highly successful and can be life-changing. Patients in Laguna Hills, CA turn to experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. George Salib, and the Orange County Eye Center for ophthalmology services. Comprehensive ophthalmology services Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that involves the study and treatment of diseases of the eye and orbit. An ophthalmologist specializes in medical and surgical treatment of eye disease. Dr. Salib is … Continue reading

Your eye doctor in the Laguna Beach area can help you handle cataracts

Your eye doctor in the Laguna Beach area can help you handle cataracts
Cataracts are an adverse eye condition that is initially quite undetectable. In their earliest stages, cataracts may produce some blurry vision, as though a thin film is being looked through. Light may also become somewhat irritating, seeming glaringly bright, or colors may appear dull compared to how they were once visualized. The visual symptoms experienced are largely related to the type of cataract that has developed. A subcapsular cataract develops near the back of the lens. These types of cataracts are most common in diabetics or individuals who consume large doses of steroidal medication. A nuclear cataract, which tends to … Continue reading

Your eye doctor near Aliso Viejo is experienced in recognizing Glaucoma

eye doctor near Aliso Viejo is experienced in recognizing Glaucoma
As your area eye institute, our practice is equipped with the knowledge and technology to recognize the variety of diseases that may affect vision. Glaucoma is a condition that we take very seriously. In many instances, there are no significant signs that provide an early warning to vision impairment, a consequence that can be severe if glaucoma is not treated adequately. In order to protect your vision, visit your eye doctor near Aliso Viejo. The Orange County Eye Institute performs standard glaucoma testing during examinations, and we encourage our patients to visit us once a year for an exam. Those … Continue reading

Eye doctor near Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 helps patients see clearer with Lasik refractive surgery

lasik eye doctor aliso viejo
The eyes have been called the “window to the soul” and have a profound impact on the way that you interpret and react to the world around you. The smile of a loved one, a scenic landscape, a beautiful sunrise – these may all be life-enhancing visions. For many people, certain conditions may affect their ability to see clearly, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. These vision issues occur due to the shape of the cornea and its ability to focus light directly onto the retina. They are referred to as refractive errors. Symptoms of these disorders may be headaches, … Continue reading

Eye doctor in Laguna Hills, CA 92653 explains cataracts

Cataract Eye Doctor Laguna Hills
A healthy eye processes light through the lens and onto the retina, which sends a signal to the brain. This process allows the image or object to appear in focus. A cataract is a cloudy area that may develop in the lens of the eye that diminishes the light traveling to the retina, which may affect vision. Children may be born with cataracts, but most often, they are a common occurrence as people age. Overexposure to sunlight, eye injury or disease, medications, or health conditions such as diabetes may also cause cataracts. Cataracts do not always impair vision, although in … Continue reading

Patients in Lake Forest, CA, 92630, ask eye doctor, “What is surfer’s eye?”

Pterygium Eye Doctor Lake Forest
You may have heard the term “surfer’s eye” used to describe a common eye ailment that may affect people who spend a great deal of time outdoors, such as surfers. The medical term for this condition is pterygium. Pterygium is a noncancerous growth that forms on the white part of the eye, appearing as a pinkish tissue. The lesion typically starts in the inside of the eye and spreads toward the center. It may grow slowly over time and, in some instances, stop growing. It is thought to be caused by overexposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light, dust and wind … Continue reading

Why visit a comprehensive eye care center in Laguna Hills?

visit a comprehensive eye care center in Laguna Hills
Maybe you have been visiting the same eye doctor since childhood. Or perhaps you have not had an eye examination since high school. Regardless of how long it has been or of your age, it is important to get back on the path to vision health now. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Orange County Eye Institute, a state of the art eye care center in Laguna Hills. “Seeing” the right eye care practitioner There are basically three types of professionals referred to as eye doctors: Optician – A technician who designs and fits eyeglass frames and lenses, contact … Continue reading

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