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Pterygium Surgery

Specialty care of pterygium (surfer’s eye): How we Restore and Support Your Comfort, Clear Vision

Pterygium Treatment in Santa Ana CA Area
 At Orange County Eye Institute, we serve Santa Ana and our slice of Southern California with exceptional specialty care to support sustained ocular health. The services performed by our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. George Salib, also support the clear vision that further sustains a high quality of life and overall well-being. After all, when you see well, you live well™. Pterygium – The Condition a nd Treatment Options  Our eyes and vision can be affected or damaged in numerous ways and by myriad different conditions. Dr. Salib has the specialized, advanced training and experience to accurately diagnose the source of your concerns and offer a range of effective … Continue reading

What is “pterygium”? Your guide to preventing, managing, and treating sun damage to the eyes

Pterygium Surgery Near Me Orange County CA Area
The surgeon at Orange County Eye Institute have considerable experience treating pterygium. While pterygium and related conditions may not require surgical intervention right away, monitoring is critical. This growth can affect the comfort, vision and health of your eyes.  Pterygium explained  Orange County and Southern California are fortunate to have so many sunny and pleasant days; however, sun exposure is the single most significant risk factor for this condition. In fact, pterygium is sometimes called “surfer’s eye” for this reason. Fittingly, other risk factors include:  Pterygium is also characterized by a whitish-pink, wedge-shaped, fleshy growth on the white of the … Continue reading

The importance of proper sun protection: How we prevent and treat pterygium (surfer’s eye)

Surfer Eye Condition treatments near Orange County CA
There are many opportunities to take advantage of all that our slice of southern California offers in terms of natural wonders and plenty of sunshine. However, just as you must protect your skin from the effects of ultraviolet light emitted by the sun’s rays, you must also protect your eyes from damage caused by exposure to harmful UV radiation.  We at the  Orange County Eye Institute have treated many patients with a condition called “pterygium.” This condition is also known as “surfer’s eye” because it tends to affect those individuals who get a lot of sun exposure (like surfers!). In … Continue reading

The reasons patients from Aliso Viejo and surrounding areas may need pterygium surgery

Aliso Viejo Pterygium Surgery
Ideally, our eyes have a precise shape, balance in fluids, and other essentials for clear vision. Eyes are also susceptible to the various elements we regularly encounter. For some, genetics plays a role in the development of certain eye problems. In other instances, there are other factors that cause conditions to occur. Pterygium is a condition in which abnormal tissue growth affects the white part of the eye, the conjunctiva and sclera, and the cornea. These growths are commonly seen in those who live in sunny, inviting places such as Southern California, where ample time is spent outdoors. The exposure … Continue reading

Facts regarding Laguna Hills pterygium surgery

Laguna Hills Pterygium Surgery
Sometimes the eyes are affected in ways that seem very concerning. The abnormal growth of tissue near or over the cornea, called pterygium, may prompt a person to feel anxious that vision will be impaired or that this growth might be cancerous. While it is always recommended to have eyes examined under such circumstances, being diagnosed with pterygium is not a cause for alarm. The condition is actually benign and rarely affects vision. While it usually does not lead to vision loss, this condition may result in a bit of discomfort depending on the specifics of the case. Most patients … Continue reading

Pterygium: Laguna Hills Patients Should Be Mindful of This Condition

Pterygium Laguna Hills
Of the various eye conditions that may develop, we are far more familiar with diseases, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Pterygium is a condition that many of our Laguna Hills patients have never heard of, even though they may have one. Pterygium is essentially the abnormal growth of tissue affecting the conjunctiva and the cornea. The growth may be very small and cause no irritation at all, or it may grow to be large enough to cause a foreign body sensation. As a pterygium enlarges, it may become visible in the eye: like a red, pink, or white fleshy growth. … Continue reading

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