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Multifocal lenses

Why you should stop smoking before the placement of an IOL lens in the Laguna Beach, CA area

IOL Lens Laguna Beach CA
According to the American Association of Opthalmology, approximately 22 million American aged 40 and older are affected by cataracts. This eye condition, which affects at least half of the over-80 population, is also one of the leading causes of blindness. Fortunately, there are solutions for cataracts. Replacing the clouded lens with the appropriate IOL lens has helped our patients from Laguna Beach and other Southern CA cities regain a better quality of life. Cataracts are believed to be age-related. One of the main reasons that changes in the eye’s lens may occur later in life, however, is that the oxidation … Continue reading

How the ReStor intraocular lens helps our Laguna Hills patients

Restor Lens Laguna Hills
The removal of a cataract means the removal of a natural eye lens. To complete this procedure, it is necessary to replace the natural lens with an artificial lens made of biocompatible material. The artificial lens placed into the eye is called an intraocular lens and this may be made to accommodate existing vision problems. If a monofocal lens is used to replace the natural lens, the focus is targeted on distance vision. In many cases, this type of lens can leave one in need of eye glasses for reading or near vision. Before the development of the ReStor intraocular … Continue reading

Improving the care we provide to our Orange County patients with LenSx

Orange County LenSx
The world of medicine, like many other areas, is continually evolving, which brings great benefit to both practitioner and patient. When dealing with cataracts, our Orange County office incorporates the use of LenSx®, made by Alcon. This technology allows us to approach cataract removal with a computer-controlled, bladeless laser, leading to a great deal of precision and safety in the critical steps of this procedure. Using LenSx® means that our patients get a fully customized treatment plan through the creation of a custom map, delineating every important area accessed during the procedure. The technology behind LenSx® is a femtosecond laser, … Continue reading

The ReSTOR® lens may be ideal for many of our Lake Forest, CA patients

Restor Lens Lake Forest CA
Part of the process of correcting vision impacted by cataracts is to remove the clouded lens. What is removed, however, also must be replaced if there is a chance that hefty corrective eyeglasses can be avoided. Today, eye surgeons offer a number of intraocular lenses to help patients address their vision needs. Monofocal IOLs are those that correct distance vision only. In order to increase the ability to see clearly at both near and distance, some patients choose a multifocal IOL like the ReSTOR® lens. One of the goals of treatment in our office near Lake Forest, CA is to … Continue reading

The difference between a standard IOL and the toric lens for astigmatism from your California eye doctor

Toric Lens California
Although there are a number of standard and premium intraocular lenses, not all are suitable for the correction of astigmatism. A toric intraocular lens, which Dr. Salib uses in our Southern California eye institute, is ideal in this situation. This lens can also be used after cataract surgery, eliminating any need for further procedures for improved vision. Toric lenses are known to increase focus and clarity significantly for distance vision without dependence on contact lenses or eyeglasses. However, these lenses do not adjust from distance to near vision, leaving the patient to rely on reading glasses for activities such as … Continue reading

Shedding light on new technology

Restor Lens California
We live in exciting times, when advances in medicine allow for the permanent correction of conditions we previously had difficulty treating. In terms of vision, patients now have options for correction beyond the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. With lens replacement and refractive surgery performed regularly, more people are finding freedom with clear vision. One such option patients are finding is our Restor lens treatment. Restor lens was initially used as a lens replacement for patients undergoing cataract removal. However, it has been determined that this therapy is also ideal for those who want to correct presbyopia, a common … Continue reading

Focusing in on clear vision

Crystalens California
Today, the patient who wishes to correct cataracts and improve vision impairment has multiple options for lens replacement. Modeled after the human eye, Crystalens is a treatment we regularly provide in our Orange County office. Although our Crystalens treatment falls into the intraocular lens category, this lens is different from other IOLs. With Crystalens, we are able to replace the lens after removal of cataracts, and we are able to correct presbyopia, the impairment of near and intermediate distance vision. Presbyopia is a condition that tends to occur once we reach our forties and beyond, as the eye becomes less … Continue reading

Discover if a toric lens is right for you in our facility near Aliso Viejo

Toric Lens in Aliso Viejo CA
One of the primary considerations we make when planning cataract surgery is how vision will be restored after the natural lens has been removed. A replacement lens must be implanted. The question is what type of replacement lens, called an intraocular lens, will best suit your particular needs? The toric lens The toric intraocular lens has been developed for cataract patients who also have astigmatism. This condition is quite common, potentially causing blurred vision. There are a number of ways in which astigmatism is corrected, including eyeglasses or contact lenses, or an intraocular lens for the cataract patient. To have … Continue reading

Crystalens treatment in Laguna Hills the clear choice for restored vision

Crystalens Eye Treatments Laguna Hills
The slight cloudiness of an early cataract may seem only mildly concerning. As a cataract progresses, however, concerns rise over the final impact on vision. For millions of men and women in our country, cataracts grow to a point where surgery is needed to restore not only vision but quality of life. What is a cataract? Cataracts are not necessarily growths on the eye but the decrease in the ability to focus properly as the lens stiffens and hardens. Most often, cataracts form later in life, affecting a large number of people over the age of 65. This problem does … Continue reading

Why LenSx is preferred by Laguna Beach and other Orange County residents

Today, we have many more outstanding medical treatments for eye conditions than ever before. The Orange County Eye Institute is proud to offer our patients a wide range of choices when it comes to replacement of the natural lens in cataract removal surgery. Not only do we help patients identify the most suitable intra ocular lens to replace the clouded, natural lens, but we also offer the most efficient surgical procedure to complete this transition. There is a great deal of intricacy in the details of cataract removal, and Dr. George Salib has the extensive experience that makes his patients … Continue reading

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