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Laser Eye Treatments

The need for contact lenses a possibility after Aliso Viejo laser eye treatments

Aliso Viejo Laser Eye Treatments
Many people are finding great benefits from innovative vision-correction treatments. Laser vision correction with LASIK, PRK, or other treatments tend to produce optimal results, but not every patient responds the same to our Aliso Viejo laser eye treatments. Because these procedures address the shape of the cornea, results are dependent on this tissue’s response to treatment, and the unique way in which corneas heal after laser surgery. While conducting a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Salib carefully notes patient particulars, and discusses the nature of the underlying problem, as well as details of any recommended treatment. Patients are advised of … Continue reading

What to expect with Laguna Hills laser eye treatment

Laguna Hills Laser Eye Treatment
Today there are various conditions that we are able to treat successfully with the use of laser technology, often leading patients to experience better vision without the need for glasses or contacts. For many people, the idea of having surgery on the eyes causes some anxiety. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after your Laguna Hills laser eye treatment will help you feel confident that your comfort will not be affected. In preparation for eye surgery, patients are given specific pre-operative instructions to follow. This may include halting the use of perfume and lotion in the few days before … Continue reading

Laser eye treatment for glaucoma

Laser Eye Treatments Laguna Hills
Glaucoma, an eye condition in which pressure builds up in the eye, is a serious ailment that can result in a permanent loss of vision if not treated. Through regular visits with the eye specialist, one can stay abreast of any changes in the eye that may signal the onset of glaucoma, and receive treatment promptly to preserve vision. Of our various laser eye treatments in Laguna Hills, the Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is the one used to benefit our glaucoma patients. [img1]Lasers are still relatively new to the medical field, but have been in use long enough to prove … Continue reading

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