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Laguna Hills patients are advised about the risks of smoking to dry eye disease and other conditions

Laguna Hills Dry Eye Disease
Consumers are regularly warned of the effect tobacco products have on the body. Health organizations in the United States recognize smoking as the largest preventable instigator of disease and cause of premature death today. Because we so often think of the major health effects of tobacco use, including cancer and heart disease, we can easily overlook the impact that tobacco, particularly smoking, has on the eyes. Smoking and dry eye disease We regularly see patients from Laguna Hills and surrounding areas for dry eye disease. This syndrome occurs when there are insufficient tears covering the surface of the eye. Tears … Continue reading

How to know when to go to the eye doctor

When to go to the eye doctor Laguna Hills CA
What many people tend to assume is that the eye doctor is the person you visit when you desire innovative treatments for vision correction, or when there is a problem that cannot be fixed with eyeglasses or contact lenses. In reality, even those who are fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision could benefit from ophthalmic assessments every now and then. This is because there is no better place in the body to view veins and arteries easily without invasive techniques. In fact, when you go to the eye doctor regularly, like our Laguna Hills CA practice, this specialist is likely … Continue reading

The eye care physicians in our Laguna Hills practice help you understand the importance of UV protection

Eye Care Physicians Laguna Hills
In coastal locales such as Southern California, residents tend to be extremely well versed in the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation as they pertain to the skin. We even understand the powerful effects sun exposure has on our vehicles, and take care to protect ourselves and our valuables with effective coverage. UV radiation can lead to premature aging, skin cancer, and faded paint on a vehicle. Sun exposure also has an effect on our eyes. Studies have linked repeated UV exposure to eye conditions including macular degeneration, photokeratisis, pterygia, and cataracts. Sunglasses are as important as sunscreen In order to … Continue reading

Experienced ophthalmologist near Mission Viejo discusses eyestrain and computer usage

Ophthalmologist Mission Viejo
Due to the many advances in technology over the past few decades, we have seen an enormous shift in how we perform daily tasks and how we live in general. Today, people of all ages can be seen gazing into a smartphone or other handheld device, computer screen, or video game for hours on end. While some admonish that computer habits will cause permanent damage to the eyes, this typically isn’t the case. It is possible, however, for the eyes to become extremely irritated under the strain of electronics use. Dr. George Salib often discusses with his patients how to … Continue reading

Opthalmologist in Laguna Hills California discusses how to avoid aging your eyes

Dry Eye Disease Laguna Hills
The eyes, like the rest of the body, will respond to factors that come from within and those that come from the environment. The habits that we keep can have an immense impact on the way our eyes age on the outside and also how they age internally, affecting vision. Dr. George Salib is an experienced opthalmologist who has treated men and women from Laguna Hills and other Orange County, California communities with personal attention. Some of the tips he offers to ward off premature aging of the eyes include: Protect your eyes with the right sunglasses. Eyewear has become … Continue reading

Dry eye disease for our Laguna Hills patients may be attributed to computer use

Laguna Hills Dry Eye Disease
More than 93 percent of adults use some type of digital device at least two hours a day, according to the Vision Council. Statistics also show that 60 percent of us are staring at a digital screen at least five hours a day. Due to the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, it is difficult to distance ourselves from our devices. They enable us to stay connected, and to work from remote locations when necessary. Though electronics may have increased productivity, they do not come without health implications, specifically for the eyes. Dry eye disease is a common … Continue reading

Laguna Hills, CA ophthalmologist shares tips for prevention and treatment of eye infection

Eye Infection Treatment Laguna Hills Ca
While eyes have amazing capacity to heal, they are delicate. Dr. George Salib shares this information to help you enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision. His practice, the Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, CA, is well equipped to provide treatment for eye infection, disease, and disorders. Common eye infections and potential complications Many eye infections begin as a minor annoyance. Without professional attention, however, they can develop in to serious conditions that are painful and unattractive. A severe or advanced eye infection may cause a reduction in vision or loss of sight. Contagious infections can spread to the … Continue reading

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