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Premium intraocular lenses carefully selected by your cataract surgeon in Laguna Hills

Premium Intraocular Lenses Cataract Surgeon Laguna Hills
Cataracts pose significant risk to vision, causing progressive clouding. By working with your experienced Orange County eye specialist, it is possible to determine the right timing for cataract removal. Because the clouding of the lens does not affect general health, the timing for removal is typically related to vision impairment and its effect on quality of life. Removing the clouded lens and replacing it with the appropriate intraocular lens can make an enormous difference in day-to-day life for our patients. [img1]Some people are surprised to learn that a cataract or cataracts actually disguised an existing vision problem. Using precision technology, … Continue reading

You have choices when it comes to your intraocular lens implant in the Laguna Hills, CA area

Intraocular Lens Laguna Hills CA
An integral part of cataract removal surgery is the replacement of the natural, clouded lens. Patients of the Orange County Eye Institute are in good hands with a team that offers excellent care and choices for intraocular lens implants. Our practice, located near Laguna Hills, CA, has treated patients from all over Orange County. Intraocular lenses available today come in a wide variety. There are monofocal lenses, which are very simple and basic, and premium IOLs designed to restore as near natural function as possible. Premium, multifocal lenses can address problems such as presbyopia and astigmatism and allow the patient … Continue reading

Learn the pros and cons of monofocal intraocular lenses from your eye surgeon near Mission Viejo

Intraocular Lenses in Mission Viejo
A key element to cataract surgery is the replacement of the clouded lens. This is done with a lens implant called an intraocular lens, or IOL. The development of multiple types of intraocular lenses has been an enormous advancement in the way cataracts are treated. Dr. George Salib treats patients from all over Orange County, including Lake Forest and Mission Viejo. Before cataract surgery takes place, he carefully plans the most suitable intraocular lens to suit the patient’s needs. Some intraocular lenses simply replace the clouded lens, others will compensate for vision problems like presbyopia or astigmatism. The type of … Continue reading

Intraocular Lenses from your Orange County eye surgeon are selected just for you

Intraocular Lenses Orange County
For many years, individuals who underwent cataract removal surgery were only able to restore some degree of clarity with contact lenses or, in most cases, thick eyeglasses. Today, surgeons such as Dr. George Salib routinely remove cataracts and immediately place intraocular lenses. The term “intraocular” means inside the eye. This fixture is different from a contact lens because it remains in the eye at all times. The goal of treatment in our Orange County facility is to address the primary issue of cataracts while restoring optimal visual acuity with the right intraocular lens. Replacement lenses have been improving for more … Continue reading

Improving laser cataract surgery with precision planning benefits our patients from Aliso Viejo and surrounding areas

The removal of a cataract may eventually become necessary for some people. If your vision is affected by a cataract or cataracts, your experienced eye surgeon Dr. George Salib offers an exceedingly high standard of care. At The Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, cataract surgery may begin with planning using the LenSx® Femtosecond Laser system. [img1]Patients addressing vision problems have many choices, one of them being the technology with which their surgeon provides care. Though conventional cataract surgeries have been performed for decades, laser cataract surgery has a number of advantages that make it a more appealing option … Continue reading

Is it possible to avoid cataract eye surgery? Tips from your Laguna Hills eye doctor

Cataract Eye Surgery Laguna Hills
As the body grows older the eyes, are more prone to conditions of degeneration. Today, more than 20 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by cataracts; this condition is one of the leading causes of vision loss worldwide. Not all cataracts are the same, nor do they require immediate removal. Much of the time, cataracts are monitored and then removed when vision is impaired to the degree that wellbeing is affected. The three types of cataracts include: Subcapsular, which develop near the back of the lens. These cataracts may be more prevalent in those with diabetes, or … Continue reading

Correcting Cataracts through Surgery

Cataract Surgery Orange County
A cataract, a condition of one or both eyes, results in vision impairment in the form of cloudiness through the affected lens. This condition, although not completely threatening to vision, is one that can affect quality of life if not surgically corrected at some point in time, as glasses, contact lenses, and laser treatments such as LASIK have no impact on the cataract. [img1]Most of the time, a cataract will form as a part of the aging process, with many of our patients being over the age of fifty. Fortunately, this is not a condition that one must rush to … Continue reading

What to expect after Aliso Viejo cataract surgery

Aliso Viejo Cataract Surgery
Facing eye surgery, you may feel a bit uneasy about several aspects – the procedure itself, recovery, and the outcome you might expect. Dr. Salib of The Orange County Eye Institute has a long history of performing eye procedures for improved vision. Our facility near Aliso Viejo is equipped with the latest equipment for cataract surgery and other procedures. If you are in need of eye care including a surgical or laser procedure, or just have questions about eyeglasses, vision, or contact lenses, our friendly staff is available to help you. What to expect from cataract surgery The surgical procedure … Continue reading

A secondary cataract can be addressed with simple surgery from your Laguna Beach eye doctor

Cataract Surgery near Laguna Beach CA
Cataracts are a fairly common vision concern, especially as we grow older. The National Eye Institute reports that approximately half of the population will have a cataract or will have had cataract surgery by the age of 80. Dr. George Salib of the Orange County Eye Institute has helped many Southern California patients renew clear vision with safe, effective cataract surgery. If you live in the Laguna Beach area and notice the signs of cataracts, an examination performed by your experienced eye doctor can pave the way to resolution. Cataract surgery and secondary cataracts Cataract surgery is designed to remove … Continue reading

Could the sunny Orange County climate increase your potential need for cataract surgery?

Cataract Surgery Orange CA
There are many things to love about living in beautiful Southern California. With both water and mountains within a short driving distance, residents of Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, and surrounding communities have many reasons to be outside. Our mild climate is so inviting all throughout the year, there is always something outdoors to enjoy. Studies show that how you care for your eyes while enjoying the gorgeous scenery around Orange County can either protect you from, or increase your potential need for cataract surgery at some point. How do you know if your outdoor activities might be harming … Continue reading

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