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Keys to successful Aliso Viejo LASIK treatment – details from your experienced eye surgeon

[img1]Wearing glasses, for most, loses its novelty quickly, and many do not like the idea of wearing contact lenses, or do not tolerate them well. Correcting vision impairment with LASIK surgery is more convenient and long lasting than either option. Before recommending LASIK treatment to our patients from Aliso Viejo and the surrounding areas, a comprehensive evaluation with eye surgeon Dr. Salib takes place.

Through this consultation, you can learn the keys to successful treatment. These include:

  • Good general health, free from certain chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic conditions may impact the body’s capability to heal properly, affecting the overall outcome of surgery. As each case is different, Dr. Salib does not to automatically disqualify any patient based on medical history. However, it is important to discuss all existing medical conditions as well as medications to assure safe, effective treatment.
  • Eye health directly impacts healing ability and successful vision correction with LASIK. Active infection or injury would require treatment before LASIK treatment, as would dry eye syndrome. Persistent dry eyes that feel irritated or have a burning, stinging sensation contain less natural lubrication, and may not respond well to the surgery. Treating such conditions prior to LASIK increases the rate of success.
  • Corneal thickness affects LASIK surgery, as this surface of the eye is reshaped for vision correction. A too-thin or oddly shaped cornea may be difficult to manipulate. In such instances, an alternative procedure such as an implantable lens (IOL) may be more suitable. During a consultation, Dr. Salib will evaluate the condition of the cornea to determine the most appropriate vision correction treatment.
  • Expectations are important to any type of surgical procedure. Our patients will be made aware of all details and potential side effects to bring expectations into alignment with possible outcomes of LASIK surgery. Usually, LASIK produces excellent vision correction, and is suitable for a wide variety of cases.


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It is our priority to provide personalized care for optimal results in vision correction. Call the Orange County Eye Institute to schedule your examination or vision-correction consultation.


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I have been to Dr Salib for several years for my eye care. I find his staff to be friendly and efficient. Dr Salib is always friendly and professional answering all of my questions. I couldn't recommend him more highly. John C.
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