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The need for contact lenses a possibility after Aliso Viejo laser eye treatments

Many people are finding great benefits from innovative vision-correction treatments. Laser vision correction with LASIK, PRK, or other treatments tend to produce optimal results, but not every patient responds the same to our Aliso Viejo laser eye treatments. Because these procedures address the shape of the cornea, results are dependent on this tissue’s response to treatment, and the unique way in which corneas heal after laser surgery.

While conducting a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Salib carefully notes patient particulars, and discusses the nature of the underlying problem, as well as details of any recommended treatment. Patients are advised of potential after-effects of laser treatment, which may include starbursts and halos when driving at night, and also irregular astigmatism with distorted/blurred vision.

Typically, vision problems after refractive eye surgery are so mild that they can be easily tolerated. In cases where quality of life is impacted by post-surgery vision problems, solutions are available. Speaking with Dr. Salib about effects such as headaches, eye strain, or difficulty with night vision will aid in resolving issues with appropriate treatment.


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When post-treatment contact lenses are needed

Laser procedures for vision correction often work by reshaping the front surface of the eye through the removal of microscopic bits of tissue located on the cornea. Sometimes, irregularities on the cornea will be created in the process, leading to distorted vision. Your skilled eye doctor provides gentle, precise care, decreasing the risk of post-surgical vision problems as much as possible. If irregularities in the cornea occur following the treatment, a follow-up procedure may provide the optimal solution. In other instances, contact lenses may be the most appropriate way to achieve ideal vision.

In the Orange County facility, we work with patients to achieve the best vision possible. Dr. Salib is extensively trained in laser treatments, and has successfully completed hundreds of procedures. When necessary, contingencies are in place to assure optimal outcome, even in the rare instance that laser treatment falls short of fully correcting vision problems.

We are committed to helping you see life as you wish. Contact The Orange CountyEye Institute and schedule your consultation with Dr. Salib.


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