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Eye doctor in Laguna Hills, CA 92653 explains cataracts

A healthy eye processes light through the lens and onto the retina, which sends a signal to the brain. This process allows the image or object to appear in focus. A cataract is a cloudy area that may develop in the lens of the eye that diminishes the light traveling to the retina, which may affect vision.

Children may be born with cataracts, but most often, they are a common occurrence as people age. Overexposure to sunlight, eye injury or disease, medications, or health conditions such as diabetes may also cause cataracts.

Cataracts do not always impair vision, although in certain cases, patients may experience the following eyesight problems:
  • Difficulty with night vision when driving
  • Extreme glare from sun, lamps, and headlights
  • Double vision
  • Need for stronger eyeglass prescriptions
  • Cloudy or blurry vision
If you are experiencing vision problems that may be a result of cataracts, The Orange County Eye Institute can help. Dr. George Salib is a medical doctor with extensive training in the specialty of ophthalmology and he has completed fellowships in Cataract Surgery, as well as eye diseases and refractive surgery. Ophthalmology encompasses the treatment and diagnosis of eye disorders and diseases, eye surgery, and care for all aspects of vision.

Treatment for cataracts may involve surgery, in which the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a manmade lens. These lenses are called premium intraocular lenses (IOL). At the Orange County Eye Institute, we offer the latest, advanced technology for optimal results and patient comfort. Using the LenSx computerized, bladeless laser technology, Dr. Salib is able to precisely and safely perform cataract surgery and design a custom-tailored treatment program for each patient, including the determination of which IOL is the best lens for your optimal outcome.

Cataract surgery and placement of an intraocular lens often helps patients to correct vision and focus problems, enhancing quality of life and limiting dependence on glasses.

Located at 24422 Avenida De La Carlota Suite 110 Laguna Hills, CA 92653, the Orange County Eye Institute is the region’s premier eye care center, offering state of the art equipment and technology in a welcoming, friendly, and homey atmosphere. Call us today at 949-441-5444 or schedule your appointment online.

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